Keyboard Failure and Possible Solutions

The keyboard is a very simple and when component breaks down, the best thing you can do is buy another, because its price is usually pretty cheap. Often not worth fixing it, unless it's something as simple as for example a locked key. Here are some basic procedures that can be performed before going to the store to buy a new keyboard are given.

When we detect a problem with the keyboard, always remember to check first the most obvious, as with any procedure.

The keyboard stops responding

The first thing you should do if your keyboard stopped working completely, you restart the computer. This sometimes fixes the problem because the first time the computer boot, did not start properly.
If this does not work, look behind the system CPU, where all the connections, and see if the keyboard cable is fully connected. Verify that you are not connected to the mouse input instead of yours. This happens more often than we think. You can also turn off the computer, and remove the connection cable to see if the pins are in good condition. Many times a simple broken or bent pins can cause us such problems.
If this did not work, make sure to connect another keyboard and restart your computer. If the other keyboard works, replace the old one.

Keyboard error checking in Windows
If the new keyboard also fails you check the conflicts that play on your operating system. This you can find it by clicking right button on My Computer and selecting Properties, Manage, and finally "Device Manager", and in Windows 98 and Me you can check Start> Settings> Control Panel> Device Manager.

Keyboard Failure and Possible Solutions


Cable problems: For frequent friction on one end of the keyboard cable, it suffers doublings and lugs, which are spending it. This makes them come loose cables internally, or connector emerges inside the same. The symptom is that the keyboard stops working, or wrong characters appear or fails keyboard at startup. You have to check the keyboard cable and check that the connectors are properly inserted in both side of the keyboard and the CPU.

locked keys: When they are dirty or worn, the keys are locked, permanecienco closed contact of a button permanently. You have to disassemble the keyboard and cleaning.

Key does not work: When the keypad is membrane and drawing pin on the plate is worn, the key will stop working, or have to tighten strong. In this case, disassemble the keyboard and pencil brush contact plate is spent. This solution is temporary, and that will wear the keyboard to change at short notice.

water / coffee spilled on the keyboard: Actually, it would be good to choose a better place to snack or tereré. If this does occur, immediately disconnect the keyboard (after leaving the system), and dry completely putting it upside down to pour the water again, and with the help of a hair dryer. (Hard to get one if you're in the office).

To prevent failure of the keyboard is recommended vacuum and clean the keyboard at least once a month. Cover with the cover when not in use. Remove the lid and give a blown compressed air to remove traces of dirt that may have fallen.

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