Basic Care We Must Have With Our Computer

Normally unknowingly we commit horrors to use our PC. Often the simplest things can cause the worst damage to the components of our PC. Keep in mind that is not free, and costs must be careful, as any device that daily use. Because I like to take care of things, but not enough, I'm going to talk a little about some of the basic care to our team.

Tips on Caring for the Computer

Tips on Caring for the Computer

Let's divide it according to the piece, observe; Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers & Tower or CPU.

  •     Do not clean it with a damp cloth, because, without going any further, any monitor can be mild or severely damaged. For this there are special cleaning products to clean monitors kits using volatile products to loosen and soft flannel to remove and avoid scratching.
  •     Do not disconnect the monitor while the CPU is on, or disconnect it from the VGA output video card. This could damage both the monitor and the tower.
  •     It is very important to monitor grounded to prevent electric shock generated drawbacks. The middle leg of the plug, must come to a rod driven into the ground, this rod is known as Javelin.
  •     Never should contact any liquid with the monitor while it is turned on.
  •     It should not be near any magnetic device thereof, except for the speakers, which are made to not corrupt the magnetic fields of certain components.
  •     Under no circumstances should you cross head open a monitor, in the case of the CRT, the voltage reaches deal is up to 10,000 volts, so it could be quite a shock if you get any download. A CRT monitor can get days to fully discharge.

  •     Do not eat and / or drink over the keyboard, and he must be clean in order to function correctly.
  •     Prohibited any wet cleaning thing, the keyboard is cleaned both small vacuum to absorb dust, which is moderate, not 100% effective, but it helps.
  •     If you want to care for them, not hit, they are fragile. This considering that the keyboard is made of many small pieces and force him to use it should be moderate.
  •     Nor will you let off the keyboard while it is connected to the CPU on, because any unexpected voltage may cause it to malfunction, or worse, leave it inoperable.

  •     Prohibited wetting.
  •     Prohibited hit because it contains very small and likely to stop operating parts, since they are practically bare.
  •     We recommend using a pad, which is a kind of carpet for the mouse, allows better management of it and avoid irregularities.

  •     Do not pull the speakers, because many times, are just soldiers and can desoldered and begin to function in a lousy way.
  •     Not have them all the time with the volume turned up, and that eventually will deteriorate faster.

  •     Avoid opening it, move it and keep it in tight spaces with low flow or air movement, which is necessary for proper cooling equipment. It is best to have it in a semi-elevated position.
  •     Turn it off properly, because if we want the hard drive, for example, lasts long enough, we must prevent this is abruptly de-energized or run the risk of starting to deteriorate.
  •     Avoid placing magnetic objects such as telephones, large speakers or magnets near the tower, because we do not damage any of its smaller components. Normal speakers are made to no impact in this area.
  •     Turn off the computer when not going to use for extended periods of time and if possible, cover with a blanket or quilt nylon.
  •     If you want to clean the machine outside, use a dry cloth, flannel or cotton to remove dust. Logically, the PC must be turned off during this maneuver.
  •     Avoid smoking on the team is very important, the tar yield of cigarettes, can eventually cause much dirt as damage to the innermost parts of the CPU.
  •     Support you avoid things up, and it's not a light table and we do not want to generate more "callers dust", as it somehow.
  •     We must have a grounding if we want no problems with electric shocks.
  •     It is advisable not to open the computer if you do not know what a wrist strap. Since we ourselves might damage any of the small electric charge transferring any components that we have running through our body.

Here are some tips to keep in mind, you could add several. I hope to create another a little more advanced guide, cleaning processors, fans, coolers, motherboards and "things" internal. Hope will serve filler, greetings.

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